Started in 29th of September 2015, intending to create a diverse community in the virtual world (JNYmc). Hazwave Enterprise was founded and officially registered on the 20th of July 2016 as a business entity by Mr Haziman Hamzil with help from family and close friends.

Hazwave Enterprise used to offer services such as Website development, Computer Repairs, Mobile and Web Application Development, and Photo and Video Editing Solutions. Due to the pandemic in 2019, Hazwave Enterprise officially shut down due to a lack of capital.

On the 20th of October 2022, Hazwave Sdn Bhd was officially registered as a Research and Development Firm by Mr Haziman Hamzil with the hope of continuing the goal which offers a business that helps to explore the endless possibilities of Web3 Research & Development, Space Technologies, Energy and Meta Farming Solutions.





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