Web Solutions

Web Solutions

We do website development and all in one website solutions which consist of a web domain and web hosting.

Premium Merchandise

Premium Merchandise

We provide the best quality of premium merchandise.

Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs

We do computer services and repairs.


Why Choose Our Services ?

Hazwave focuses its attention on the startups which are yet to emerge in the market, business owners, and freelancers, anyone who requires their website developed by a team of highly skilled and experienced members who put their knowledge into their work and produce catchy websites which would stick with the visitors.

Haziman Hamzil
Haziman Hamzil
CEO & Founder of hazwave

Inspired By Wave.

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Step By Step Of Our Business Process

We contact our client and gather project information and confirm pricing before proceeding to the next step.

After pricing is confirmed, we will do the solution process which is either development, design, or even repairs.

After the solution process is done, the project will then give to the client to check out.

If there is a problem with the service or product after sales, a support team will be ready to help to assist.


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